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10 Fun Dates To Surprise Your Aries Man and Make Him Fall in Love All Over Again.

Dating an Aries man will doubtless always be a fun experience. Not least because he is a highly coveted individual. So you can enjoy some jealous looks as you parade around together. An Aries man is also usually up for anything. He’s the kind of guy who will actually like a surprise. So don’t be shy about taking the reins and cooking up something for the two of you to do together. Just make sure it’s not boring.
Here are 10 fun dates to surprise your Aries man.
1)    Take him to paintball or laser tag
This one is pretty much a given for many reasons. Mars rules Aries, the warrior planet. So it is no coincidence that a lot of Aries men end up joining the military and love playing war games. Tap into this by taking him out for a night of controlled combat with a game of paintball or laser tag where he can live out his battlefield fantasies.
2)    Play a game of darts
Aries rules sharp objects, so with that in mind a game of darts is the perfect choice for a night out. Take him to a darts venue and have a few beers or something to eat as you enjoy a few games. The Aries man isn’t the type to sit on his hands. So having a variety of activities in one place where he can be active will be perfect.
3)    Watch a wrestling tournament
Aries men usually love sports and are often natural athletes. This also applies to watching sports as well as competing themselves. The more aggressive the games the better. With that in mind, take him out to watch a bout of cage fighting or wrestling which will let him get out some of that Mars-led aggression. Even if it comes from him just cheering one of the opponents on.
4)    Take him go-karting
Men born under the sign of the Ram love a nice competition. So don’t think for a second that your Aries man will let you win just because you are a girl. He doesn’t like to lose whatever the scenario. So a competitive sport like go-karting is a fun way of letting him have a little competition in his life.
5)    Go out for Korean barbecue
Aries is a Fire sign, so appeal to his primal side by taking him out for Korean barbecue. Or any barbecue for that matter. Some people wouldn’t like to go to a restaurant that makes you cook your own food. But the Aries man loves grilling his own meat and cooking up a storm.
6)    Have a night under the stars
An Aries man should almost always have been an explorer, and many of them were perhaps born in the wrong time. Your man should be trekking around the unchartered globe with only a compass to guide him.  But if that is not possible then take him out for a surprise date. One where you camp somewhere under the stars will be the next best thing.
7)    Hit the batting cages
Aries men have an abundance of restless energy. They also like doing things with their hands in order to use this up. As a result, a date where you do an activity instead of just go out for dinner is always a win. So take him to the batting cages. There he can get out some of his old fashioned Arian aggression in a healthy way.
8)    Go for a drive in the country
Many men would like a lady with a plan. But when it comes to date night your Aries man won’t have much of a plan either. As such, this is one man who will be happy to go with the flow. So get in your car and head out. An Aries man is spontaneous in the extreme. He won’t mind that you haven’t planned out the date in minute detail. Embrace this for all it’s worth.
9)    Cook him some Tex-Mex
Aries rules spice and can handle more heat than most other signs, so play to this in the kitchen. Anything with a lot of chili in it will tend to tickle an Aries man’s taste buds.  And will get him hot under the collar for later.  Which will be convenient as you will already be at home.


10)  Go bungee jumping
Go for it if you think you can handle it. Aries men are the ultimate adrenaline junkies. They love things that challenge them and scare them a little bit. He will almost certainly be game for this if you are, so grit your teeth and give it a try. He loves a mate who is also not afraid to push themselves out of their comfort zone.  You will get extra brownie points for showing that you are as fearless as he is.

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