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10 Gifts to Buy Your Aries Man

Want to get the perfect gift for your Aries man but don’t know where to start? We break down the best gifts to give those born under the sign of the Ram.
Aries man
1)    A barbecue
Aries is a Fire sign, so anything that involves fire is going to be a hit. The Aries male is also something of a macho man and a Neanderthal. So he will love nothing more than grilling up a bloody steak for his lady over some hot coals. As he is pretending he is back in the Stone Age where he belongs.
Aries man
2)    A set of steak knives
This kind of goes with the first one, but Aries is also known for ruling sharp objects.  So a set of knives will be just the thing for an Aries man. This kind of gift will also link in nicely with his hunter-gather instincts. So if you can’t find him a spear then knives or similar will make a nice substitute.
Aries man
3)    A war game
Mars, God of War, rules Aries. So why not play into this side of your man’s character by getting him the latest video game?  One where he can run around the battlefield to his heart’s content. Remember that Mr. Aries is a true warrior at heart. So anything that allows him to (playfully) explore this will always go down well. It doesn’t even have to be that high tech. Even an old-fashioned war board game like Risk will be sure to please him. This is because it also taps into his ultra competitive streak.
Aries man
4)    A metal flask
Aries also rules metal objects, so anything metallic will also make an excellent gift. A metal flask will also serve the dual purpose of being something that your Aries man can take with him when he’s out.  Doing typical manly activities like camping in the woods or running a marathon.
 Aries man
5)    A gift certificate for a head massage
The sign of Aries rules the head. So your Aries man may well suffer from headaches, migraines, and tension around his head and ears. As such, why not help him release some of this by sending him off for a head massage? One with a trained expert who will know just how to loosen some of his aches and pains? If you prefer, why not have a go at doing it yourself? Aries men respond well to touch on their heads. Which means that a massage session may well lead to the bedroom.
Aries man
6)    A motorbike
Aries men are almost always adrenalin junkies.  Because Aries is a cardinal sign. This means that people born under the Ram like action and movement. Put all of this together, plus the fact that Aries is also ruled by metal. A motorbike is pretty much the perfect gift for an Aries daredevil. If you can afford it of course.
Aries man
7)    Some camping equipment
It might not be your idea of a good time but it will almost definitely be his. Getting out into the wilderness where no one has ever gone before  is the Aries man’s idea of heaven. Aries men love adventure and are natural explorers. So a weekend of huntin’, shootin’, and fishin’ will be exactly the kind of thing that he will enjoy. Get him his own set of camping equipment and he will be so happy.
Aries man
8)    Tickets to a competitive sporting match
Aries men like experiences, in fact they thrive on them. To an Aries man, life is all about the experience and less about the tangible and practical side of things. They want a challenge. So with that in mind you can’t go wrong by taking him to an event.  Rather than giving him an actual gift wrapped up in a bow. While some signs might not like this, the Aries man won’t mind that he doesn’t have something pretty. As long as you give him a night he will never forget.  Something like a boxing match between two famous opponents will be perfect for him.
 Aries man
9)    A cactus
Yes really. Remember how Aries rules sharp objects? This also applies to thorns.  So if you want to see if he can take care of a plant without killing it then make it easy on him.  Tap into his natural astrology, and get him something with some needles on it. Plus it’s almost impossible to kill a cactus.  So he won’t have to feel bad for accidentally murdering your gift.
Aries man
10) A trip to a racing track
If you could choose only one word to sum up the Aries man, ‘competitive’ might just be it. Aries men in their very nature love to treat life as a competition.  So tap into this by sending your man for a day at the race track. One where he can compete either against other drivers. Or the clock to see who is the best speedster of the day. Nothing will please him more than watching his place in the leader board rise. Also he is such a natural competitor, so no surprise if he ends up bringing home a trophy. This is one sign that hates to lose.



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