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10 Movies to See With Your Aries Man

If we are honest, staying at home and watching a movie is not exactly the Aries man’s idea of a great time. Sure, he might do it from time to time.  No one can be out and about every night. But it is not going to be his default setting of choice. If he does decide to take in a movie, it is more likely to be the latest blockbuster in 3D. He needs to feel every second of the experience in full Technicolor and surround sound.
Still you might manage  to tempt him into staying at home. If so here are 10 movies to see with your Aries man.
1)     127 hours
127 Hours takes place in a canyon in Utah. Adventurer, Aron Ralston, gets hit by a falling boulder and trapped. Unable to escape, he makes the decision to amputate his arm  to survive. In so many ways, this is the perfect movie for an Aries man. He’s the quintessential adventurer himself. And will love to put himself in the hero’s shoes and work out what he would have done. The Aries man will probably claim he wouldn’t have been so careless. He is never shy about voicing his opinions.
2)    Point break
Aries is a thrill seeker, so showing him one of the ultimate thrill seeking movies of all time is sure to be a hit. The new version of Point Break follows a team of extreme athletes who are also criminals. They then use their skills to steal money from the super wealthy. Some of the stunts performed in the movie are simply amazing. Your Aries man will doubtless enjoy it from start to finish.
3)    The Wolf of Wall Street
Aries is the deal-maker sign of the zodiac. So there can be no better movie for an Aries man than the ultimate deal-making story of the Wolf of Wall Street. The movie follows Jordan Belfort and his meteoric rise to success that makes him a millionaire. Only to follow his fall as the FBI investigate the source of his wealth.
4)    The Legend of Tarzan
The Legend of Tarzan is the perfect pick for an Aries man. Why? Simply because this pretty much embodies everything that an Aries man is all about. He loves a damsel in distress and sees himself very much as the Tarzan figure: swinging from vines, living off the land, and going on adventures.
5)    Senna
Aries rules metal, and people born under this sign are also known to love competitive sports. Put this together, and a film about motor racing is sure to please any Aries man in the audience. Senna is a film that follows the life and ultimate untimely death of Ayrton Senna. Senna was a Brazilian Formula One driver considered to be one of the best racing car drivers ever.
6)    Australia
Aries like it when it’s hot, as you would expect from a Fire sign. Aries men also like the idea of being alone in the bush to fend for themselves. This links in to their primal instincts. Australia is the perfect flick as it follows Nicole Kidman and Hugh Jackman driving across the Australian Outback.
7)    Independence Day Resurgence
Aries men are not known for having the best attention spans in the world.  Taking that into account, a shoot ‘em up movie with lots of action and explosions is probably going to tick his boxes.  More than something like Shakespeare in Love. A disaster film such as Independence Day Resurgence is even better. It’s a disaster movie with aliens, big rockets, an attack on planet earth. And all the usual big bangs that will keep an Aries man entertained.
8)    The Hurt Locker
Ruled by warrior planet Mars, a lot of Aries men go on to join the military and make good soldiers. Even if your man works in an office, he will likely still have a hankering for the battlefield. So a war film like the Hurt Locker will tap into this side of his personality.
9)    Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark
If there ever was a character who embodies the Aries man, it might just be swashbuckling Indian Jones. The handsome and intrepid adventurer who travels to far flung places fighting enemies.  And also saves pretty (yet very feisty in their own right) heroines.
10)  Shrek
As the first sign of the zodiac, Aries are big kids at heart. As such they don’t take things or life too seriously. An animated cartoon is a sure to be a hit with an Aries man,  Even more so if it is one that has knights, a damsel in distress, and a dragon to slay. This is his dream scenario after all.

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