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10 Travel Destinations to Go to With Your Aries Man

            Looking to get away with your Aries man but not sure where to go? We have you covered. Here are the top 10 travel destinations to go to with your Aries man…
1)    Table Mountain, South Africa
Fire rules Aries so Aries men like it when it’s hot. They may not be averse to something like snowboarding as it taps into their adrenalin junkie side.  But if you look closely you will see them shuddering in the cold. Go somewhere toasty like South Africa where the Aries man is in his natural element.
2)    Uluru, Australia
An Aries man is a typical Neanderthal.  Getting back to basics where he has to do things like make a fire will be his idea of a great time. For that reason a trip to somewhere remote (and hot) like to Australian Outback will delight him.  He can spend his time in the bush impressing you with his survival skills.
3)    Macau, China
If you look up the word ‘competitive’ in the dictionary you might just see a picture of Aries next to it. They love competition in any form. So take him to the gambling capital of the world, Macau, to see if he can beat the house. Macau is also home to the Macau Grand Prix.  So if gambling isn’t your thing you can appeal to his competitive edge by taking him to watch the races. He’ll be the one screaming loudest from the stands.
4)    The Rocky Mountains, The United States
An Aries man is a natural when it comes to rugged outdoor pursuits.  And a trip to the Rocky Mountains will let this run free. Stand back and watch as he sets about horseback riding. Or camping under the stars, and taking off into the wilderness. This unleashes his inner adventurer.  And lets him imagine he’s some kind of pioneer living off the land. Even if the closest he ever gets to making this a reality is buying a camping stove when he gets home.
5)    Mount Bromo, Indonesia
Is there any better combination of activities for an Aries man than climbing a volcano? Aries men love a challenge, love being active, and love fire. Put all of these together and hiking to the summit of Mount Bromo might just be his idea of the perfect day out.
6)    Route 66, The United States
Aries men are natural explorers and they like to go where the open road takes them. In that sense they can be slightly aimless wanderers, so harness this by taking them on a road trip. Throwing some things in your car and going where the mood takes you will please an Aries man.
7)    The Great Barrier Reef, Australia
The Aries man likes to explore. He likes adrenalin, so swimming with sharks and other underwater critters will please him. He also likes a challenge and learning new things. so if he has never been diving before then he will love the chance to get PADI certified. Then conquer the ocean.
8)    The Tour de France, France
Aries rules metal objects like bikes and Aries men love watching sports. They are fiercely competitive.  But it doesn’t matter if they are actively involved or just watching from the sidelines.  they can cheer their chosen team to victory anyway. A trip to the Tour to France will be right up an Aries man’s alley.
9)    The Amazon, Brazil
Rafting down the Amazon in Brazil will doubtless be the trip of a lifetime for an Aries man. He pretend that he is an intrepid explorer who has fallen off the grid. Plus using his hands and getting physical in a kayak, canoe, or raft will use up some of the restless energy.
10)  Florida, The United States
You might not imagine your alpha male Aries man wearing Mickey Mouse ears. But trust us on this one. Aries is the first sign of the zodiac and in that sense the baby of the group. Aries men can be big kids when they want to be. So a trip to Disneyland in Florida will be just the kind of thing that will appeal to him. That and he can show off how brave he is by going on all the scariest rides. The ones that have others squealing with terror.
And finally…
If all of these fail, or you are just on a budget, then remember that Aries men may be a lot of things.  But they are not natural planners, preferring instead to do everything on the fly. One of the best destinations that you can pick for an Aries man is one that you find together because he loves including his partner.  So either just get in the car or get on a train.  Or even just show up at the airport and see where it takes you. Failing that, get online and see what the cheapest ticket you can find is. Then go there. Adventure is the name of the game.

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