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3 Reasons Why The Aries Woman Loves The Aries Man

Fire! Fire! When the Aries woman and the Aries man get together you would do well to stand back. They are both equally fiery. So is this going to explode with flames of passion or is someone going to end up getting burnt? The answer is that it can be a little of both depending on how these two handle it. More often than not though this is one relationship that is going to go the distance. The Aries woman will find a lot to love about her Aries man. If she can resist the urge to wring his neck!
When we look at the astrology, the reality for this duo is that for all that they might love to fight. That said, they are actually a rather good match.
Here are 3 reasons why the Aries woman loves the Aries man…

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1)    Their personalities are the same
They say opposites attract but it is also true that they repel. Like magnets. Not so for this pair. After all they were born under the same sign and they share the same traits. The Aries man and the Aries woman have the same temperament which makes them such a good match. Yes, they may both be headstrong. Yes, they may both have something of a fiery temper (to put it mildly). But what they will also have is a shared understanding that this is the case. If one of them flies off the handle then they may lock horns. But at least they will know why this is happening. There may also be issues of dominance here.

Both of them like (love!) to be in charge. But again, they understand why this is. They may be fighting for supremacy, but at least they can also take a step back. As they are so similar, they think “well I’m exactly the same”. They are on the same wavelength because it is like looking at a mirror image of themselves.

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2)    They have the same interests
Aries absolutely love physical activities and they also love things like competitive sports. This applies equally to the Aries man and the Aries woman. As such they will always have plenty to do together. The Aries woman will love her Aries man because he is happy going for a hike at the weekend. Or because they can indulge their mutual love of adrenaline by going skydiving.

Where other signs may clash, the Aries man and the Aries woman will always be on the same page. They can also always find something to do together. This even applies to the kinds of things that attract them and examples of this are easy to find. Aries rules metal and pointed items, so they may both love playing darts or race car driving. In this sense, these two have a massive helping hand in their relationship. Put simply, they like so many of the same things. Including each other. This is all down to their astrology. Why wouldn’t the Aries woman love her Aries man when they are so perfectly attuned?

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3)    They are sexually compatible
One reason why the Aries woman will love the Aries man is because of the bedroom. And what he is able to do here. Sexually these two couldn’t be a better match and they both have the same attitude towards sex. Quite simply, they are impulsive, spontaneous, and uninhibited lovers. So when they get together it will be explosive.

Both the Aries woman and the Aries man have strong sexual appetites (to say the least!). This means that they will spend lots of quality time together in the bedroom. They will also use sex as a way of patching things up in tough times. Although this may sound superficial it really isn’t. Aries views sex as a physical pleasure but they also thrive on intimacy. This means they like nothing more than getting close to each other again after a fight. And they do this with some make up sex!

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Put simply, the similarities between this duo are what will make the Aries woman love her Aries man. So there is a little bit of narcissism here, as she is really loving another version of herself. That said, there is nothing wrong with that if it makes you happy. We need to look at the astrology at play here. When we do, it is easy to see that in the Aries man the Aries woman has finally met her match. If we look at this pairing, you will find that the Aries woman has finally found a man who can keep up with her. In the bedroom, on a hike, at the office, and everywhere else. There is nothing quite like the love between an Aries woman and an Aries man.

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