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4 Astrology Signs That are Most Compatible With the Aries Man

When it comes to other astrology signs, which ones work best with the Aries man? Will he couple up well with a tenacious Taurus? Or what about a giggly Gemini? Is a fellow Aries mate the best one for the Aries man? Or does the Ram do best with a sexy Scorpio?
Aries men have Mars as a governor. They are extrovert, brash, passionate, and dynamic. They are Fire signs and they like to be in control. Challenge is important to them as is competition. Aries men have fiery tempers but they are also loyal and you can depend on them. As such they need someone to bring out their qualities and who can temper their weaknesses.
Here are the 4 most compatible astrology signs for Aries men…
4 Astrology Signs that are most compatible with the aries man 2
At first this looks like a strange pick as Gemini is a floaty Air sign. Can they pair well with a Fire sign like Aries? The answer is actually yes. As astrology signs, both Gemini and Aries love adventure. They have a thirst for new things and this will extend to the bedroom. Sexually they are very compatible. Gemini will push Aries’ buttons and they will always experiment. The Gemini woman is one who likes to please. Clearly the Aries man will love this.
When it comes to astrology signs these two are also both full of ideas. The Gemini woman will talk more than the Aries man but he will be her intellectual equal. Aries men like to discuss lofty topics like politics and the arts. If a partner isn’t interested then this is a turn off. The Aries man also likes a woman who looks good, because he himself is a show off. As Gemini has Venus as a ruler, this will be perfect. Venus rules aesthetics and the Gemini woman has a lot of attention to detail.
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This is a more obvious choice as these are both Fire signs. As a result they have a lot in common right off the bat. They “get” each other as they behave in much the same way. Their approach to life is very similar so they do not misunderstand each other. Sagittarius rules travel and they love to go on adventures together around the world. Sagittarius is also a bit of a nomad. So they can wander together without feeling bored or tied down. These two are also really sociable people so they will have a big circle of mutual friends. Parties at their house will be a common and legendary occurrence.
    Sagittarius is one of the astrology signs that love to communicate. The Aries man is more shy but in this way his partner will fill the silence. As more of a show-off, the Aries man will be the one who rules the show. Still, this works and the Sagittarius woman is one of the astrology signs that is very supportive. She will be there for her man no matter what.
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Of the astrology signs, Leo is another Fire sign. These two both love the spotlight so they will have to learn to share. If they can do that then they will have a lot in common. They look at life in the same way and like a lot of the same things. Sexually they are both really adventurous and passionate. Their time between the sheets will be very special and they have a lot of stamina. These astrology signs are creative bed and need an active sex life.

They can provide this for each other which will make them bond.

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Aquarius is another of the astrology signs that has Air as a ruler. As you can see, Aries works best with mutual Fire or Air signs. They help to temper the passion and explosive side of the Aries man. Aquarius is a pretty quirky sign. They can be humanitarians and they like to help others. Aries men believe in a cause and often will work for a charity or an NGO. They are also very sociable and this spirit works well with them. He is also an extrovert and does best when he is with other people. In this sense they will have a big house together with lots of family and friends in it.
This is an interesting match and one that can work well. They each fill in the negative space for the other one. On paper it might not look obvious but in reality this pairing has a good success rate. Certainly the Aries man should give it a try with the Aquarius women. He might just get a surprise!

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