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5 Reasons Why Aries Dates Are The Most Romantic

Those born under the sign of the Ram often don’t get the romantic reputation they deserve. The Aries man is not the kind to go for a flamboyant type of romance, which he considers tacky. This means Aries dates unlikely to turn up at your office holding flowers and playing your favorite song. He also won’t propose to you on one knee in front of all your family. As such, you may think he is a romantic dud, but it’s really not true! Aries dates can be some of the most romantic of all the signs in their own way. Trust us on that.

Aries dates

Here are 5 reasons why Aries dates are the most romantic…

  • What you see is what you get

The Aries man is the baby of the zodiac world. So in this sense you can consider him to be innocent. Aries men are often childlike and young. He doesn’t have a devious bone in his body and he will wear his heart on his sleeve. As such, Aries dates are often the most romantic as the Aries man is so open. This can be refreshing from other signs who think it fun to play hard to get. He will be an open book and he will regale you with tales of everything you want to know. When you ask him a question he will answer it clearly. If he likes you then he will tell you that. If he wants to see you again he will ask you immediately. And there is something very romantic about a man who isn’t afraid to share!

  • They are playful

Aries dates can often be some of the most romantic that you will go on. This is  simply because they come from a more innocent and playful time. Some members of the zodiac (water signs especially like Scorpio) look at dating as one long interview. But the Aries man cares for none of this. He goes on a date to genuinely get to know you and to have a good time. Nothing more and nothing less. In that sense, you can both throw your agendas out of the window. Remember that Aries dates are the place to just let loose and have fun. That’s also why he will probably take you to a gaming arcade. Or you might go to a sports related venue like the batting cages. Anything to unleash his playful side and let him be a big kid.

Aries dates

  • They are loyal

Aries men are really not given enough credit for being as loyal as they are. But Aries dates are the perfect way to see this firsthand. Few signs are likely to couple up as quickly on a date as the Aries man. If you are lucky enough, then this is something very romantic that happens on Aries dates. You may not know each other well, but the Aries man will have your back no matter what. Is the waiter sassing you a bit? Your Aries man will jump right in. Another man hassling you? He will be right there to deal with it. Trip over a curb? He will pick you up, carry you home, and put a band-aid on it. He’s that kind of guy.

  • They are jealous and possessive

Being jealous and possessive is usually looked at as being one of the negative traits of the Aries man. The flipside of this however is that Aries dates can benefit from this in unexpected ways. Ruled by passion and testosterone the Aries man can be a very jealous suitor. But this also makes Aries dates all that more romantic. You just know that you are the center of his attention. Not only that, the idea of another man even looking at you drives him absolutely wild! If he wasn’t jealous it would mean that he wasn’t that interested in you. So on Aries dates remember that a little jealousy is a good thing!

Aries dates

  • They love a story-book romance

Again Aries sometimes don’t get enough credit for this. The truth is they see romance very much as a story-book tale of love. They want you to be the Jane to their Tarzan (he must have been an Aries!). Or the princess to their knight. As such you can expect Aries dates to have all the glamour and charm of a story-book ending. To add to that the Aries man will often be charming and chivalrous to a fault. He is not romantic in a showy way, so he probably won’t bring you flowers or jewelry. Instead he will show he cares by pulling your chair out for you. Or holding your hand. Or walking on the outside of the pavement so you don’t get splashed by a puddle.

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