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5 Reasons Why Aries Men are the Most Confident

In the world of astrology there may be a few signs vying for the title of ‘Most Confident’.  It’s fair to say that most of them will be Fire signs (yes, we are thinking of you Leo). That said, of all the signs, Aries is right at the top when it comes to confidence.  As a result they may just pip all the others at the post to win this most coveted of crowns. It’s not surprising really, as Aries men are also the most competitive of all the signs. So winning anything and everything is in their blood. All it does is make them even more confident than they were before!
Here are 5 reasons why Aries men are the most confident…

Aries men

1)    They are natural ‘warriors’
Mars rules Aries, planet of war. So it is no surprise that an Aries man is something of the warrior type himself. This doesn’t mean that he is needlessly argumentative. Although it might seem that way at time! It’s just that there is not a lot in life that scares him. Knowing that he is not the kind to run from a fight means that he is full of confidence. This may mean saving his lady from unwanted attention. Or helping someone in a the street who needs assistance. In short, this is a strong man who can handle almost anything.

Aries men

2)    They know they are desirable
This may be annoying to some who lack their easy confidence but unfortunately it’s true. Aries men are something of a catch. Mostly because many of them spend their early years playing the field, to put it politely. They will often have a lot of partners if that’s what they choose. This is because they have an easy charm and a natural magnetism. People find this hard to resist. They’re sexy and they know it. So they are never going to be shrinking violets in the confidence stakes.

Even though they are so desirable they also love to chase their partner. Rather than their partner chase them.  As you would imagine for someone who finds it easy to attract female attention. This only boosts their confidence even further. Not only do they get noticed when they do nothing. But they can also turn the head of almost anyone they choose. In short, they seem to get everything their own way most of the time.

Aries men

3)    They are a masculine sign
Ruled by Mars, Aries is undoubtedly a highly masculine, testosterone filled sign. This is in direct contrast to other signs like Taurus ruled by earth-mother Venus. This means that you are going to get a highly macho individual who has confidence in his blood. He isn’t afraid to show it to everyone.

Aries men

4)    They love a challenge
Aries men love a challenge and they love the thrill of the chase. For this reason, they do well in jobs such as business. Ones where they can assume the role of getting the best possible deal out of a client. Other areas where they excel include physical pursuits. So many Aries men may join to Armed Forces and many make good soldiers. For this reason Aries men have more confidence than most.  As they are so dedicated to competing that they almost always win at whatever they put their mind to.

Failure is not an option for this individual! This also extends to romantic partners. Aries men love to chase a potential mate and like it if you play a bit hard to get in the beginning. It only makes it more satisfying when you finally give in to their charms. And most people do, because it can be very hard to say no to an Aries man in almost any situation.

Aries men

5)    They are proud of their bodies
Aries men are ‘show ponies’.  If you happen to live with one you will know just how long they can take in front of the mirror! Aries men are usually extremely proud of their physique. They will spend an inordinate amount of time at the gym.  Or simply preening. Or trying on clothes and fixing their hair ‘just right’. Even if they are not in the best physical shape you have ever seen, it won’t matter.  They will focus on some other part of their body like their hair (as Aries rules the head). Then they will tend to that instead.

No matter how ripped or  blessed in the looks department, they always take pride in their appearance.  This makes them far more confident than most of the other zodiac signs. If you have ever seen an Aries man strut into a room you will know this all too well. They just know they look good.

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