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5 Things Aries Men Love in the Bedroom

If you bag yourself an Aries man then you are probably going to spend a lot of time in the bedroom. Ruled by passion-filled Mars, Aries men have a high sex drive. Also, their rippling, macho libido means that they want and need an extremely active sex life.
Here are 5 things Aries men love in the bedroom…

1)    Being in charge
This one is a no-brainer really especially when you look closely at their astrology. Ruled by the warrior planet Mars, Aries men make natural leaders.  This applies everywhere from the boardroom to the bedroom.  They know what they want, how they want it, and when they want it. Whatever it is you can expect it to be lusty and regular, as Aries men are highly sexual beings. Know that he is the kind who will throw you over his shoulder and carry you off to the bedroom when you least expect it. He’s the one who is going to set the pace here.

2)    Being spontaneous
One criticism that is often leveled at the Aries man is that he is not a planner. This is certainly true and can lead to him being a bit of nightmare. Such as when it comes to things like packing for a trip or being in the right place at the time. That said, this can be a great plus point when it comes to his sex life.  As the Aries man is down to get down pretty much any time.  So things certainly won’t get boring as he is ready to go whenever you are. This means that you can expect sex to happen at some unexpected times and locations.

3)    Desire
We all want to feel sexy and desirable, but with the Aries man this goes a little deeper. For a start, the Aries man has a high sex drive that needs fulfilling regularly.  So a lover who doesn’t give him that will be a massive turn off. He also takes sexual rejection very badly. This is interesting when you consider that he actively thrives on other forms of rejection.  Such as knocking back when he first asks you out on a date which he considers a challenge. This is not so when it comes to the bedroom though.

It is here where his highly confident veneer begins to crack a bit.  He will be deeply wounded if you turn him down when he wants to get frisky. For that reason, make sure he knows how into him you are.  How sexy you think he is.  How much you can’t wait to meet him in the bedroom when you get home.

4)    Red lingerie
Being a Fire sign, an Aries man has a natural inclination towards the color red. He also likes aesthetics.  He can have something of a wandering eye when it comes to the ladies. This is not one of his many charms. Unfortunately he has a lot of choice in the romance and sexual stakes. This is because as Aries men are naturally sexy and attractive. This applies no matter what shape they are in. They give off an animal magnetism that would make most other men jealous.For that reason, it doesn’t hurt to show him just how wise he was to pick you as his sexual partner.  Such as dressing up in red lingerie to surprise him when he gets home. This is sure to absolutely delight his sense of both spontaneity and sexuality.

This is also less about whether you are in shape and how you look. It’s more about the fact that you need to show him that you have made an effort.  The Aries man would never dream of leaving the house looking anything but his best. He will love it if he sees that you gone the extra mile to look perfect for a night in.

5)    Traditional role play
The Aries man is very much a ‘Me Tarzan, you Jane’ type.  If that isn’t your bag then you would be better off to find another mate. One who has a more evolved view of sexuality. At his worst, the Aries man can be a bit of a chauvinist. But really he is also just very traditional in how he sees the roles of men and women in the bedroom. He wants his woman to be all woman. This means that he will want you to dress up in pretty clothes and lingerie.

Also, play the damsel in distress, even if this is the only place that this happens. In the rest of his life the Aries man actually enjoys a partner who stands up for herself.  But in the bedroom he will love to be the White Knight. As you pretend you desperately need rescuing and ravishing.

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