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5 Things to Wear in the Bedroom for Your Aries man

When it comes to clothes and appearances, the Aries man may be an alpha male.  But he can still put a lot of women in the shade. Often simply by how long he spends in front of the mirror. In truth he’s a bit of a peacock and, fortunately for him, most Aries men are quite a hit with the opposite sex. They have a lot of charisma and sex appeal from red hot Mars, their ruler. As a result an Aries man is never knowingly underdressed and he won’t expect you to be either. Although that doesn’t mean you need to dress to the nines all the time. He doesn’t want you stealing his thunder after all.

Here are 5 things to wear in the bedroom for your Aries man…

Aries man

1)    A tailored suit
Yes, even in the bedroom. Although it should be a suit with a pencil skirt and definitely not trousers. In fact avoid wearing trousers if at all possible.  As the Aries man thinks that women should be feminine. So he is not a fan of anything resembling a man’s business suit. What is important here is to show that you have made an effort. And that you have some level of attention to detail when it comes to clothes and appearance. An Aries man would never go out in different colored socks for example, and he won’t expect you to either.

Try to make yourself look as polished as possible, so snip off any stray threads. Also shine your shoes among other things. When it comes to the bedroom, try to channel the sexy secretary look. Think a well cut suit that affords him a glimpse of your lingerie underneath.

Aries man

2)    A princess outfit
You don’t literally need to show up in a tiara. But hints of a modern day damsel in distress will work wonders here. The Aries man harbors this fantasy deep within him.  He wants to be a shining knight who will come to your aid, so give this to him in the bedroom. He will be absolutely delighted. This may be the only place where this side comes out to play. Depending on how you live your lives outside the bedroom. But inside where no one can see, the Aries man will want his version of the fantasy. Hugh Hefner, the most famous example of a man who has built his fantasy empire at the Playboy Mansion, is an Aries.

To do your version of the modern day princess look think of pretty pastel colors.  Also feminine prints, and subtle hints of sexuality like an exposed shoulder. Or the glimpse of lingerie under a collar. Even though the Aries man is a highly sexed individual he doesn’t like sexual aggression in his partner.  So go for something demure which will excite him far more.

Aries man

3)    Expensive lingerie
Here’s what you definitely shouldn’t wear, something that looks nasty and cheap. This will be a massive turn-off to the Aries man so don’t even think of buying a rubber French maid’s outfit.  Or a plastic nurse’s uniform as this will not be a hit at all. Aries men like nice things and have a strong sense of aesthetics. Which is why they often look immaculate, so you will need to do the same. Show you have made an effort with some gorgeous high end lingerie. Something made of natural but luxurious materials like silk or satin.  Accent this with things like diamonds or a string of pearls.

Aries man

4)    A red dress
Aries is a Fire sign and as such find the color red arousing.  Tease him by turning up in the bedroom wearing a red dress. Think of the one that Cameron Diaz wore in The Mask and you will be on the right track. Remember that Aries men like a challenge and a bit of a tease. So covering up a bit and letting him use his imagination is not a bad idea at all. This will make him all the more hot under the collar.

Aries man

5)    Feminine clothes or lingerie
It may not be politically correct but the Aries man is the man here and he wants his woman to be a woman. Unisex clothes are definitely not the order of the day. He will like all the usual classic signs of femininity. Think pretty pink colors (although he is also a sucker for a strong blood red) and classic feminine silhouettes.  Ones that will show off a sexy hour glass figure. And perhaps even hark back to some of the great film stars of the 1950s. This is the kind of look that he will like. Scraped back hair and sweats will definitely not do it for him at all.


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