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6 Ways To Know If The Aries Sign Is Cheating

A man born under an Aries sign will have a wealth of great traits. With that in mind, if you couple up with an Aries man then consider yourself lucky. He is a good one. That said, a lot of this has to do with timing. Aries men, when they are younger, may not be the best when it comes to fidelity. As they go through life however, they will grow up and usually make quite devoted partners. Despite this, there are no guarantees. So while it is unlikely, here are 6 ways to know if the Aries man is cheating.

Aries sign


1)    He just wants to help

An Aries sign is a sucker for a sob story, and this is one of the things to love about them. Aries men love the damsel in distress. Mostly because they fancy themselves as the white knight who will rush in and save everything. If your Aries man is cheating it will probably be with someone who has appealed to this side of his nature. Got a mutual friend who is going through a divorce? Know someone in financial trouble? A single pal who needs someone to help cut the grass? These are all the kinds of situations that the Aries sign likes…so just make sure you keep an eye on things. Most of the time it will be totally innocent.

2)    His ego swells

Aries men have huge egos and a lot of it is down to having Mars as a ruler. However, things get tricky when they find someone who wants to stroke this. An Aries sign can respond immediately to anyone who makes him feel even bigger and more important than he is. In that sense the Aries man is not quite as confident as he might make out. He likes encouragement and support. So if a woman comes along to do that then it could be a sign of trouble. Remember that your man may not seem like he needs a lot of encouragement in life, but he really does. Don’t let anyone fluff his ego other than you.

Aries sign

3)    He has a lot of female friends

Aries men are naturally attractive and the Aries sign has a huge amount for charisma and charm. As a result, the Aries man usually has a lot of female friends and “admirers”. This in itself may not be a cause for alarm, as it is quite typical of the Aries sign. But if one of his female friends seems to be hanging on a bit too tight? Then it might be a sign that they are both getting a little bit too close for comfort.

4)    He starts talking a lot

It is fair to say that Aries men are not the best talkers of the zodiac world. Certainly, the Aries sign is not what you would describe as ‘chatty’. This therefore can be an excellent way to know if your man might be cheating on you. As he suddenly can’t keep his mouth shut…about a certain someone! Got a female friend or acquaintance that he keeps bringing up in conversations? Definitely cause to watch out.  So make sure that you keep an ear out for changes in his conversation topics.

Aries sign

5)    He brags more than usual

An Aries sign is a naturally bragger anyway so you will have to filter through this one a little bit. Aries men often fancy themselves and they love to look good. But if he starts to talk more and more about how attractive he is then there might be an issue. The Aries sign is also one that has a tendency to blurt out what they are thinking.  If he hears how great and how sexy he is then he will probably be unable to stop himself from parroting this. Watch out if so. Ask him and yourself where this is all suddenly coming from.

6)    He doesn’t want sex

If there is one thing that is sure in this world it’s that an Aries sign wants sex. Especially the Aries man. Red hot, passionate, and restless. Aries is not a sign that is ever really not in the mood. Unless he has a valid excuse like an illness and even then it would have to be a pretty bad one. An Aries man who says he doesn’t want sex is a cause for concern. To put it bluntly, he might well be getting it elsewhere. As such you need to see how things are going in the bedroom and use them to measure your relationship. Aries men love sex and they need it regularly to consider that they have a healthy sex life. He’s suddenly not into it? He might not be into you anymore.

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