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6 Ways To Tell If Your Aries Man is in Love With You

So you have your Aries man, and things seem to be going well. But is this true love? Or does the fact he didn’t return your last two calls mean that he’s just not that into you? Here are 6 ways to tell if your Aries man is really in love with you…
Aries man
1)    He will make it obvious
They say men are from Mars but in this case it’s true.  Mars rules Aries and the red hot planet makes him something of a firecracker in many ways. Certainly an Aries man wears his heart on his sleeve.  So if he is in love with you it will be obvious, pretty much from the get-go. Let’s face it, a Fire sign with Mars as its ruler is never going to be a subtle individual.  So you can expect him to be all over you and he won’t care who knows it. Honestly, he probably thinks everyone in love is like this.
2)    He will turn up the romance
Aries men have a reputation for being one of the most romantic signs of the zodiac.  So if you bag an Aries mate you can consider yourself pretty lucky. Luckier still, is the way in which Aries men approach romance.  Rather than handing out tacky teddy bears holding a fluffy heart, they tend to be dashing knights. They are very chivalrous. As such expect him to open doors for you. Or pull out your chair. Or slay any dragons that may come your way.
Aries man
3)    He will talk about the future
Aries men make excellent partners as they are extremely loyal and they are also great family men. For this reason they are also natural parents. They also often have a rather old fashioned sense of family and have old-school values and morals.  This makes them extremely desirable mates. If your Aries man is truly in love with you then you can expect him to reference the future often. He may even broach subjects like getting married and having kids pretty early on in the relationship.
4)    He will ignore you
The Ram is the first sign of the zodiac. In this way Aries men are the babies of the astrology world. They still have a lot of growing up to do and they can come across as quite immature. Like they are in need of a mother figure at times. Thanks to this immature streak, they sometimes don’t know how to handle their emotions.
When it becomes clear they are smitten, they can either choose to deal with it well or…not. If they don’t, rest assured that this is just because the strength of their emotions scares them.  But their way of handling it might be by reverting to schoolyard tricks like ignoring you. It’s fine…just imagine your Aries man as a little kid in a sandpit. One pulling your pigtails because he secretly likes you. That’s really what he is saying when he doesn’t return your calls right away. Or keeps you waiting all night to send you a text. Just make sure that you firmly let him know when enough is enough and when he needs to get his head out of the sand.
Aries man
5)    He will be utterly devoted
An Aries man knows what he wants in life and if anyone knows his own mind, it’s him. If he has decided he wants you then you should be very happy. He is certainly not fickle and doesn’t give his heart away to just anyone who crosses his path. Once in love however, the Aries man, as you would expect from a Fire sign, is intense and possessive. And he will expect you to be the same. That means that once you have both said the L-Word, you had better make sure that there is no one else on the horizon.
As Aries is nothing if not the jealous type and he is playing for keeps. He will take this as seriously as you do. But if you break his heart he will never forgive you. Then the fallout will be explosive to say the least.
6)    He will start a fight
Not a physical one.  But he might suddenly start becoming far more argumentative than normal. Put simply, this is a test, as the strong-willed Ram might pretend that he likes to have things his own way.  But actually he likes nothing less than a mate who is a pushover. Think of this as him throwing down the gauntlet. Or as his way of getting you to prove your chops. By all means argue back if you think he’s being unfair or petty.  Rest assured that he really just wants to make sure that he has finally met his match.
Aries man

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