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7 Aries Traits That Make Them Reliable Husbands

Aries men are Fire signs and have the red planet, Mars, for a ruler. Aries traits assigned to them are often words like ‘impatient’, ‘restless’, or ‘passionate’. Which is understandable really. At first glance, none of these make the Aries man sound like he will make the most reliable husband. But if we look closer the Aries man is actually one of the best signs of the zodiac to couple up with. Once you do you will see why. He’s loyal to a fault and can’t lie to save his life. And that’s just the start of it.
Here are 7 Aries traits that make them reliable husbands…

Aries Traits

1)    He already played the field when he was younger
Aries men often play the field when they are younger. Red-hot planet Mars rules Aries, so they come across as having lots of charisma. They are also naturally sexy. As such they tend to be popular and a lot of women flock to them. Of course when they are younger they just love to take advantage of this. It’s quite common for an Aries man to sleep around. Or just have lots of different girlfriends in his younger years. This also means however that when the time comes to settle down and get married he isn’t thinking “what if?”. Or lamenting that he didn’t sow more wild oats. He’s had his fun.

2)    He’s an all or nothing kind of guy
Aries men are not subtle, again down to having Mars as a ruler. This means that Aries traits point to an ‘all or nothing’ philosophy. They don’t do things by halves. They are the kind of people who have a lot of casual girlfriends.  Or they are completely devoted to one key relationship in their life. Rarely do they go for anything else as they just don’t have the ability to do something so nuanced. If your Aries man commits to you, then you will know he is in it for the long term. An Aries husband is there to stay. He won’t have the imagination to think of having it any other way.

Aries traits

3)    He’s a romantic at heart
Aries traits often forget to talk about this, but actually the Aries man is something of a romantic at heart. This is because he sees the world in very simple terms. If he gets married then he will put his partner on a pedestal. He will also be reliable and romantic until the day he dies. This happens because he believes in romantic love. This will not usually manifest with him bringing your flowers and chocolates every day. He lacks the imagination for that unfortunately. But it does mean that the Aries man makes a great and committed husband.

4)    He’s authentic
You can thank Mars for this one again, but it is one of the best of all the Aries traits. The Aries man lacks a filter and he is authentic in a way that others are not. If he thinks something then he says it. If he wants to do something then he does it. He means everything and he owns his choices, so if he marries you  then this is the same. He means it and he will devote himself for life.

Aries traits

5)    Aries men crave security
Aries traits mean that Aries men are often contradictory. On the one hand they like freedom.  But on the other they want security from their partner. Look at famous Aries Hugh Hefner as an example of this. Known for being the ultimate bachelor, Hefner is always in a relationship no matter what.  Even if it is with 3 women at a time. All Aries men are secretly terrified of abandonment. So they really want a partner who can provide them with security. If you can do that then he will do the same. This is one of the top reasons why Aries men make reliable husbands.
6)    He’s a natural leader
What else would you expect from a Fire sign ruled by Mars? Aries traits mean that they are natural leaders. This makes the Aries man a great husband, and this is especially true if you have kids. He absolutely loves to be the ‘head of the family’. This is because he adores the status that marriage gives him.
7)    He is fiercely loyal
One of Aries best traits is that he is so loyal. Once he is in love you will certainly know about it. An Aries man will hold on tight to his mate. And love them with all his might if you let him. As a husband, he will be the most loyal partner you could ever wish for. When you marry an Aries man know that you have got yourself a good one.

Aries traits

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