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7 Reasons Why the Aries Sign is Most Dominant In Bed

Aries men are naturally sexy characters and are quite wild between the sheets. With that in mind, if you bag an Aries man consider yourself quite lucky! Just don’t expect him to be the kind who will hold your hand as he tenderly stares into your eyes. Also don’t expect the Aries sign to produce a pair of furry handcuffs and ask you to tie him up. The Aries man is nothing if not dominant in bed. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!
Here are 7 reasons why Aries men are dominant in bed…

Aries sign

1)    He is extremely passionate
Fire rules the Aries man and the Aries sign also has Mars as a ruler. With all of that going on it’s no surprise that this sign is full of passion. Aries men have a hefty dose of macho, testosterone ruled emotions. So their passion is the most legendary of the zodiac signs. With that said, how can you expect an Aries man to be anything other than dominant in bed? These are not shy wallflowers after all.

2)    He is a natural leader
If there was ever a leader in astrology then it is the Aries sign. After all, Aries is also the first sign of the zodiac. So even in that respect they just love to be first at everything. Aries men make natural leaders and it is rare that you will find one who isn’t. So this will obviously translate to the bedroom as well. The Aries sign is one that likes to take charge and be in command. Yes, Sir!

Aries sign

3)    He is ridiculously competitive
The Aries sign is endlessly competitive. This is why a lot of Aries men love either playing or watching competitive sports. In particular things like racing or boxing. Ruled by Mars, they love a little healthy competition and this will also apply between the sheets. They want to be the best at everything so why would sex be any different? This makes them naturally dominant. Quite simply they strive to be the best sexual partner they can be.

4)    He is an alpha male
An Aries sign is a masculine sign, ruled by Mars. This is just as a sign like Libra is a feminine sign ruled by Venus. What this tells us in astrology is that an Aries man is always going to be an alpha male. It’s true that Aries men like to look good.  He may spend longer than you doing his hair, but even this is just a pride thing. That is pretty much where the metro sexuality here will stop. So don’t expect many feminine emotions from the Aries sign, even Aries woman. As you would expect from such an alpha male, sex is yet another time when he can be king of the jungle. He loves to exert his dominance on everyone. Honestly, he just can’t help it. Hold on for the ride!

Aries sign

5)    He is hopelessly devoted
When he falls in love the Aries man will love hard. He is a hopeless romantic in that sense. He is a hugely loyal lover whose roaming eye will cease to wander when he has found the right person. As a result sex to the Aries sign takes on another level of importance. He will view it as a chance to do his best and a chance to prove his love. This means you can expect him to naturally want to take charge and lead the way.

6)    He likes a damsel in distress
An Aries man loves a damsel in distress, and this perfectly describes the duality of this sign. One the one hand the Aries sign is the first of the zodiac and something of a big baby. On the other, the Aries man is an alpha male. One who likes the role of a knight in shining armor. He loves nothing more than saving his damsel in distress. The image of him literally carrying her off after he has slayed the dragon is perfect. Just imagine that the scene ends with him carrying you to the bedroom. Then throwing you down on the soft, cloud-like mattress for a night of passion. This tells you everything you need to know about the Aries man.

Aries sign

7)    He is a cardinal sign
Aries is a cardinal sign, which explains a lot about the Aries man’s personality. Put simply, those born under a cardinal sign are naturally dominant. They are also naturally leaders in their community. Also naturally filled with restless energy and passion. Sound familiar? The Aries man has these qualities in spades and this explains a lot about his natural dominance. It also explains a lot about why he is one of the most dominant men in the entire zodiac. Mars, Fire, a cardinal sign…it all makes sense now.

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