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8 reasons Why Leo and Sagittarius women are compatible with Scott Eastwood.

Scott Eastwood is an American actor and the son of the legendary Clint Eastwood. As he was born on the 21st of March 1986, this makes him a fiery Aries. As such, if Scott Eastwood is looking for love, who would make a perfect match for him? The answer is that he is most compatible with Leo or Sagittarius women.

Scott Eastwood

Here are 8 reasons why Leo or Sagittarius women are compatible with Scott Eastwood.

1)    They are all Fire signs


Leo, Sagittarius, and Aries are all feisty because they are Fire signs. As such they have this in common and they are on the same wavelength. Passion rules them and they have the same temperament in many ways. They don’t need to struggle to understand each other. Scott Eastwood has to be transparent as an actor, and this is down to his fire sign nature. Leo and Sagittarius women will understand wearing your heart on your sleeve.


2)    They all enjoy the limelight


As an actor, Scott Eastwood is naturally in the limelight. His job is to steal the spotlight at all times. Leo women and Sagittarius women will understand this. Leo women in particular also love to be the center of attention. As such going to premieres together or being in the same industry will suit them. They are comfortable in that world. One where attention is perfectly normal. Not everyone could handle this, but Sagittarius and Leo women can.

Scott Eastwood


3)    They all like to travel


Much of Scott Eastwood’s life is about travel. He needs to travel for work and also enjoys relaxing on the beach, sipping mai thais. This will suit Sagittarius and Leo women down to the ground. They love to jet off and Sagittarius in particular rules travel. They hate feeling bored and they are not scared of exploring a new place. As such, when Scott Eastwood travels, a Sagittarius or Leo woman could be the perfect travelling companion.


4)    They all like glamour


Scott Eastwood is an actor, and also the son of Clint Eastwood. As such his life is undeniably glamorous. He also works as a model, so this goes double! For this reason he needs a partner who is comfortable with this. The Leo woman in particular loves glamour and the finer things in life. The Sagittarius woman too will like the pampering that comes in this world of celebrity. Some signs would find this showy and superficial. Not so for the Leo and Sagittarius woman. They can get on board with glamour with no problems at all.

Scott Eastwood


5)    They understand passion for you art


Because he works as an actor, Scott Eastwood may have to sacrifice things for this art. He may not always be available and he may work long hours. A Leo woman and a Sagittarius woman understand this only too well. As Fire signs, they know how important it is to care about what you do.


6)    They can be independent of each other


Actors obviously have to shoot on location, attend premiers, and spend time training for roles. Because of this, they are not always around. Some partners may not be able to deal with this because they are insecure. They will become jealous and they won’t understand the separation. Luckily Leo women and Sagittarius women understand this completely. They also like to be independent so they won’t mind if their partner is also like this. For an actor they make very compatible partners in this sense.

Scott Eastwood


7)    They are adventurous


The life of an actor is one of adventure. Often shooting in far flung locations, or doing crazy stunts. It is certainly not a boring life and it will take someone who can keep up. This is perfect for a Leo or Sagittarius woman, who love and crave adventure. They will be so happy to go along for the ride. Some people may love routine and dislike surprises. The Leo and Sagittarius women are not among them.


8)    They are sincere


At the end of the day, all three of these signs are nice and sincere people. They all want a stable relationship and care about family and commitment. They are kind individuals who have a lot to give. Aries, Sagittarius, and Leo may be fiery but they are also very honest and ultimately sincere. They are looking for a relationship that completes them and they will be very loyal.

Scott Eastwood


Scott Eastwood has a lot going on and keeps a tight schedule. As a famous actor and a model, he is busy and he has to spend a lot of time working. He needs to surround himself with people who understand him and his lifestyle. As such, Sagittarius and Leo will be neatly compatible with Scott Eastwood. So if he is looking for a relationship, these are the kind of women to look out for!

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