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8 Things Astrology Says about Sagittarius and Aries Relationships

    Aries is a Fire sign with red-hot planet Mars as a ruler. Sagittarius is also a Fire sign, and Jupiter rules this sign. Jupiter is the god of luck and Mars the god of war. So what happens when these two firebrands get together? Will they be lucky or constantly at war? Is the astrology positive or negative?
 Here are 8 things astrology says about Sagittarius and Aries relationships…
1) They are both Fire signs
Both Aries and Sagittarius are Fire signs, red hot and ready for action. So when they get together you can expect this to be, well, fiery. In this sense they are kindred spirits. They also share a lot of the same personality traits as a result. Their temperaments are similar and they have an innate passion. They anger easily but much of it is bluster. Together they understand when one flares up. After all their astrology is much the same.
2) They love their independence
Aries and Sagittarius are similar, yet they both love to be independent. They also crave adventure and they like to have a good time. Other signs may not understand their lifestyle choices and find them reckless. But for these two this works, and they can go on adventures together. Things like sky-diving or bungee jumping thrill these two adrenalin junkies. Sagittarius also rules travel, so going somewhere together (somewhere hot) is also on the cards.
3) They have the same sense of humor
These two also have the same characteristics when it comes to laughter. They love the same kinds of joke and giggle at the same things. They like to have good old-fashioned fun together and they make great partners in this way. It will always be a laugh-a-minute between these two which keeps things light. Neither one take life too seriously so there will be lots of happy times.
4) They are reckless
This duo both have the characteristic of people who look before they leap. As such they can be impulsive and reckless. You might find an Aries and Sagittarius couple selling everything and using the money to travel around the world for a year. Others may think they are irresponsible. But this is the way their personalities mesh and support each other. They will be likely to last as they won’t find it boring in their shared life. In fact, a lot of people will be jealous of their lifestyle.
5) They have a lot to talk about
Sagittarius in particular is a sign that loves to talk, and Aries is no intellectual lightweight. The Aries man in particular likes a woman who has a lot to say for herself. As such there will be a lot of talking about a range of topics. These will often be lofty, like science, politics, or art. Conversations will be dynamic and fun and will jump all over the place. Intellectually this will work as well as it does emotionally and sexually. The astrology here is strong.
6) They will like arguing
Each sign here is not one that runs from a fight. Both Sagittarius and Aries like to argue, but here it will be good-natured. They will enjoy the art of debate. Astrology shows us that Sagittarius rules communication and is the chattier of the two. As such it may be Sagittarius who starts a debate or who comes looking for an argument. That said, Aries is no pushover and will be happy to oblige.
7) They will be compatible in bed
Sexually this will be an excellent match. Sagittarius and Aries both look at sex in the same way. They both see it as a pleasure and don’t get too hung up about it. It’s less about deep emotion and more about physical pleasure. They are also filled with passion so this will be explosive. Both are unafraid to experiment so this will also never be boring.
8) They will speak their mind
Neither of these two is shy about saying what is on their mind. In astrology, Sagittarius is a truth teller almost to the point of rudeness. They can tease a lot which many people don’t understand. At times this may wound the Aries partner who doesn’t understand. When it comes to the sign of the Ram, in astrology they say what they think although less than Sagittarius.
 All in all Sagittarius and Aries make an excellent match according to their astrology. Sagittarius is a mutable sign and so is flexible and communicative which Aries will enjoy. In turn, Aries is a cardinal sign. This means people born under this sign are forward thinking and dynamic. Together, they mesh nicely and can achieve a lot together as a couple. Because of their astrology they have the same interests and characteristics. Even when they fight they will do so in the same way.
One thing is for sure…when two Fire signs come together it won’t be boring.

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