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9 Reasons Why Leo Women Love Aries Men

In astrology, there is a lot of love between Leo and Aries. And especially between the Leo woman and the Aries man. Both similar in temperament and interests, the Aries man is very tempting to a Leo woman. He intrigues her and she in turn attracts him.
 Here are 9 reasons why Leo women love Aries men
1) They both love to show off
If you want a show pony then you have found your match here. Both the Aries man and the Leo woman love to look good. At the same time, they want their partner to look good too. They wouldn’t dream of going out without looking their best. So why should their partner? In this case it will never happen. Both of them will dress to the nines at all times and this makes them a flamboyant couple.
2) They are equally passionate about life
Both the Leo woman and the Aries man are Fire signs. This means they are passionate about the world. It is also the way that they express emotion. If they are happy it will come out in an emotional and over-the-top way. The same if they are sad. Sometimes if they are with another sign they can’t understand why they are so quiet. They imagine their emotions don’t exist. But there is no need for that here. They are free to be as demonstrative as they like.
3) They enjoy a challenge
Being Fire signs, neither the Leo woman nor the Aries man is a pushover. This means however that they don’t want their partner to be either. A Leo woman is not at all turned on by a weak-willed partner. The Aries man is not keen on someone not his equal as he sees it. They want someone to challenge them. To push their buttons and keep them on their toes. Life would be too boring otherwise.
4) They are highly sexual
A Leo woman and an Aries man will be explosive in the bedroom. Fire fuels both of them and this is a perfect match. Between the sheets they are experimental and passionate. They can keep going all night and they need a healthy sex life. Unlike other signs they view sex as a cornerstone of their relationship. Fortunately they can both keep up with each other.
5) They both like their own space
The Aries man and the Leo woman like their own space. This doesn’t mean they are no sociable. They are, but they also need time on their own. Some other partners or signs may not understand this. Other partners may cling to them in order to try and keep them around. This has the opposite effect for a Leo woman and an Aries man and will make them run away. Together however they can have all the space they need.
6) They are fiercely loyal
Underneath all the passion and the temper tantrums, these two are very loyal people. They both make excellent parents and good spouses. They are family-orientated and often want to have a big family. When they settle down they do so for life. People sometimes think that Fire signs are flighty. But they are not at all, and deep down this fire fuels their commitment to each other.
7) They are both a little jealous
It is fair to say that both of these two can get a little jealous. This can happen if they think their partner is straying. Or just if they think they are getting too much unwanted attention. They are very possessive in this sense, but it will also make them feel more secure. They will not pretend they don’t care. If anything, you will never be in doubt how much a Leo woman or an Aries man feels about you.
8) They are both closet intellectuals
You might not know it from the surface. Deep down however, these two are intellectual heavyweights. Maybe it’s because they love to look good and spend ages doing their hair. Maybe because they spend a fortune on clothes. They often come across as superficial but they have a razor sharp mind. The Leo woman never misses a trick. The Aries man backs her up and can talk about topics lofty and superficial. They have lots of great ideas, so going into business together is also a fantastic idea.
9) They are not afraid of a little drama
Predictably, when two Fire signs get together, there will be drama. They are so hot-headed that it is unavoidable. Many other signs couldn’t handle this, but the Leo woman and Aries man can. They know it isn’t serious, and much of it is just for show. They both know this, so they can handle fights and then make up just as easily.

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