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Aries Men Love 3 Colors of Lingerie

Of all of the signs of the zodiac, the Aries man is without a doubt one of the most virile. He has a high sex drive, as you would expect for someone who has Mars as a ruler. He’s also a hot-headed Fire sign filled with passion, aggression, and unbridled confidence. If you are going to be with an Aries man then know that you are going to be spending a lot of time in the bedroom.  Or anywhere the mood takes him actually. Aries is a master of spontaneity. This is because he has a healthy sexual appetite that requires an active and regular sex life.

For his part, he is something of a show off and takes a huge amount of pride in looking his best.  But this means that he comes with high standards, so you will need to brush up on your game if you want to keep up with him. This includes on the sartorial front. With that in mind, having a supply of sexy lingerie to hand is a must when you are dating an Aries man.  But not everything will definitely put him in the mood.
Here are 3 colors of lingerie that Aries men love…


1)    Red
When it comes to sexy lingerie for the Aries man it’s all about visual stimulation. As a result, you really can’t go wrong with some red lingerie. This is because Mars rules Aries which is also known as ‘The Red Planet’. This means that Aries men will have a deep attraction and subsequent reaction to the color red. Depending on your tastes you can play around with the shades.

If possible it is best to shy away from pillar box red lingerie that looks cheap.  Also, certainly don’t go for anything like a red devil’s outfit made out of latex. The Aries man will run out of the bedroom faster than a bolting Ram if he sees anything so tacky. He is a fan of luxury items and he will want to see you in something similar. For that reason go for shades likes ox-blood red in a range of sensual fabrics. Things like satin are a good choice as these will be far better suited to his tastes.

2)    Metallics
Aries rules metal and particularly Iron Ore.  Although they may not seem like an obvious choice, metallic shades of lingerie will often prove to be a surprising hit. This doesn’t however mean a grey sports bra and matching panties.  But think more of shimmering shades of silver that will catch the light. Soft fabrics like silk are perfect for this. Or even lingerie that features metallic buttons or studs. Anything that reminds him of the real thing.  This will definitely arouse the interest of the Aries man. Aries is also linked to warfare, again as a result of ruler Mars.  So any fabrics in shades like gun metal gray are also sure to appeal. In keeping with the metallic theme, you could also go for other metal shades like copper or shimmering bronze.  That will also tie in with the fact that Aries is a fire sign.
3)    White
You may think that this is a strange choice. But the reality is that the Aries man likes his partner to come across as sweet and innocent.  Even if this is all an illusion. Imagine that you were a Disney princess therefore. Or a damsel in distress. Or even the Fay Wray character in King Kong, another classic Aries movie if ever there was one! Think about characters such as these and then imagine what they would be wearing under their clothes.  Then you won’t go wrong.
What you certainly shouldn’t do is channel overt and in-your-face aggressive sexuality.  This will do absolutely nothing for your Aries man and may make turn on his hooves and run for the hills! Think of ethereal and feminine pieces with lots of lace and floaty fabrics. Things that make you look as if you just stepped out of a fairytale. He will like that because he believes in romance!
Whatever color you choose, make sure that you buy the best quality lingerie that you can afford.  The Aries man is a stickler for well made items and he likes top quality fabrics. Especially those that feel nice against his skin and look attractive. He doesn’t like anything cheap or tacky as this does nothing for his sense of aesthetics. Try and pair whatever lingerie you wear with a feminine and classic outfit over the top. Perhaps one that hints at what you have on underneath, and keep things simple if possible. All you need to accessorize your lingerie is some nice jewelry and some perfume. Your Aries man will be absolutely smitten!

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